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Come Celebrate the Birding Lifestyle With Us!

Come Celebrate the Birding Lifestyle With Us!

September 16-18, 2016 | Columbus, OH
The American Birding Expo is a retail-sales-oriented showcase of products for birders and nature enthusiasts. Vendors representing all aspects of the birding and nature market will display their products, goods, and services at the ABE. The ABE is free and open to the public, though attendees who pre-register will be entered into a special VIP raffle.
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Birding While … in Memphis

Birding While … in Memphis

Posted by Guest Contributor | Tue, 17 May 2016
By Laura Thompson, Circulation and Marketing Director, Bird Watcher’s Digest Growing up in a bird-watching family, we children evolved into two groups: passionate birders and–me. While my brothers kept life lists, adjusted their binoculars, learned to use scopes, and kept their eyes keenly open in hopes of spotting a new species, I sat in the...
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Bird ID Guide

Bird Identification Guide

Every day, thousands of people identify mystery birds with our online guide. Our profiles feature photos, descriptions, and in many cases, sound files of hundreds of North American birds. We'll tell you what to look and listen for to identify them in the field.
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Current Feature

The author’s full screen installed on the problem windows. This setup allows full natural light to enter the windows, but safely bounces incoming birds.

A Solution to Stop Birds From Hitting Your Windows

BWD Contributor Julie Zickefoose contrives a solution for a vexing problem. This setup allows full natural light to enter the windows, but safely bounces incoming birds.
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Current Feature

BWD Editor Bill Thompson, III, points out a bird to his daughter Phoebe and son Liam.

Top 10 Reasons to Be a Young Birder

Why become a birder? Young birders Corey Husic and Blake Campbell will give you ten reasons to try out this great hobby.
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