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Travel Right, Bird More

The emphasis in this article is on international travel, but you can apply the same good preparation, skills, and common sense to any birding excursion.

Birding Tours

With all the choices out there, finding the right tour company to meet your needs can seem overwhelming. Asking (and receiving answers to) the right questions can ease your anxiety and maybe even turn you from a wary traveler into a birding tour enthusiast. BWD editor Bill Thompson, III, explains how to proceed.

BWD Travel Schedule

If you haven't seen the Thompsons perform or birded with them, you're missing out. Using a unique blend of humor and toe-tapping music as a backdrop, the family always delivers interesting and informative presentations.


Shrikes & Vireos

Birding Trails

Birding trails are opening across North America at a rapid pace. Check out a listing of several that have opened within the past decade.

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Field Guides and Gear: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!


Bird Watcher's Digest Nature Shop

Make your time in the field more enjoyable with BWD's birding gear! Our field editors spend much time putting birding products to the test, so we can offer the most comfortable and convenient products to help you enjoy more birds and have more fun!

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BWD Bino Straps

BWD Binocular Straps

BWD Binocular Straps

Don't let your binoculars be a pain in the neck! This strong, comfortable neoprene binocular strap is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

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Peterson Field Guides

Peterson Field Guides

These authoritative guides are ideal for anyone birding in the field! Choose between a guide for Eastern and Central North America or Western North America.

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Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America

Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America

Critically acclaimed for its innovative design, the Kaufman guide is among the easiest to use for fast identification in the field.

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