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Congratulations to Stephanie Yeo, winner of our 6/1/2015 drawing for the PhoneSkope Digiscoping Adapter!

REGISTER TO WIN: Audubon Park Backyard Bird Feeding Kit


BWD will draw a winner for this prize on August 10, 2015. In order to receive this prize, the winners must reply to our notification e-mail within 48 hrs. The winner will receive Audubon Park’s Backyard Bird Feeding Kit—a $140 value—FREE!

Audubon Park Wild Bird Food is offering a chance to win everything you need to create the ideal feeding station for the birds in your yard, including favorite seeds, suet, and nectar; four made-in-the-USA feeders; and the new book, Welcome to Subirdia. Enter to win and bring the Audubon experience to your backyard! Click here to learn more about these products »

The prize package contains:

Round seed feeder
Hummingbird nectar feeder
Suet basket feeder
Nyjer thistle sock

Hummingbird nectar
High Energy suet
Berry Treat suet
Wild Bird Bell
5.5 pounds of Patio & Garden Blend seeds
5 pounds of Fruit & Nut Blend seeds
5 pounds of sunflower seeds

Welcome to Subirdia, by John Marzluff

Only one entry per person. To claim a prize you must reply when we notify you within 48 hours to confirm your shipping address. You may also send your entry to: BWD Giveaway, P.O. Box 110, Marietta, OH 45750.
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