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Bird Feeding

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Do-It-Yourself Suet Dough

BWD editor Bill Thompson, III, and Julie Zickefoose have shot a video that demonstrates all the steps involved in making suet dough. High in fat and protein, this concoction is the ideal offering for birds struggling to find food during harsh winter weather. The video also includes a recipe to follow at home. Check it out!

Subsection Features - Bird Feeding

Does Bird Feeding Affect Bird Behavior?

Offering tasty treats at the feeder brings birds closer, allowing us to appreciate their beauty and enjoy their antics. But how does backyard bird feeding affect the birds themselves? Dr. David Bird explores the answers.

Feed Birds the Natural Way

How would you like to feed birds in the very best way possible—in a way that is all-natural, environmentally sustainable, inexpensive, and easy to do? The very best way to feed birds is to offer them the kinds of foods they would find and consume in nature, and that starts with offering bird-friendly plants.

Bird Feeding Do's and Don'ts

Recent research on the impact of bird feeding has shown that feeders can sometimes be a source of disease for the birds visiting them. There is good news, too: With minimal effort, any feeder operator in North America can provide a safe, healthy feeding station for birds.

Backyard Bird Food Chart

The experts at Bird Watcher's Digest have compiled this informative food and seed chart to help you attract the birds that you want to your feeders.


Bird Feeding - Section Extras

More Bird Feeding Features

BWD editor Bill Thompson, III, explores some of the special species, bird families, and groups that visit our feeders along with how we can offer them things they need and want so we get to enjoy them more often.

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