Green Heron

Look For

This small, dark heron has the perfect coloration to blend in with habitat along the water’s edge: dark tones of reddish brown and deep green, with bright yellow-orange legs. Although its body is stocky, its bill is slender and long—perfect for spearing small fish, its preferred food.

Listen For

A loud, hoarse skowp! often given when the bird is spooked into taking flight.


Most easily confused with the night-herons and bitterns, but the green heron is much darker overall and shows all-dark wings in flight.

Find it

Quiet wooded streams, small ponds, marshes, and almost any body of fresh water that is lined with thick vegetation may host a green heron. Scan the trees and snags along the water’s edge to find a green heron sitting quietly.


Green herons may use bait (such as bread or corn that’s been fed to ducks, or even a piece of vegetation) to attract curious fish to within striking distance.

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