Flame-colored Tanager by Jerry Oldennettel / Wikimedia Creative Commons

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From spring through late summer, tanagers brighten our world with their tropical flair. Each of these species winters south of the United States; in some cases, as far south as Bolivia and Argentina. We share North America with them for a few short, warm months. How much do you know about these colorful birds?
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Common ravens are great learners. Consequently, they’ve been studied by ornithologists and behaviorists for a long time. Common raven photo by Danrok, Wikimedia Commons.

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Tundra swans. Photo by Todd Smith.

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Yellow-billed cuckoo. Photo by Dominic Sherony / Wikimedia.

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All birds, including this lesser goldfinch, need water. (Photo: Creative Commons)

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Barred owl by Robert Strickland.

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Squirrels are a common pest at bird feeders. In our tips below, we suggest ways to deal with the furry menace. Photo by Sandra Myers.

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