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Feathers Quiz

All birds, and only birds, have feathers. Some dinosaurs had them, including a species recently discovered in Siberia. Feathers are essential to flight, but they also provide insulation, sunblock, and waterproofing. They can be essential to a bird's survival, providing camouflage, social dominance and reproductive success. But how much do you really know about feathers? Take our quiz. You might learn a few surprising facts!

Do Birds Mate for Life?

We've all heard it countless times: Certain bird species mate for life, including geese, swans, cranes and eagles. It's a true statement, for the most part, but it's only part of the story.

Common Bird Myths

Is it true that a baby bird touched by a human will be abandoned by its parents? Can an owl spin its head completely around? Do goatsuckers really suck goat milk? Find out the truth behind these myths and more.

Baffling Bird Behavior

Do all birds migrate? Do all birds mate for life? Find out in this Q and A.

Common Bird Feeding Questions

Having trouble attracting birds to your feeder? Wondering what foods to offer? Try these tips and more.



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