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Find a Snowy Owl Near You

Snowy owls are invading the United States in magnificent numbers, with new reports coming in daily. We’ve compiled this handy at-a-glance map to illustrate the southerly movements of these birds this winter.

Do It Yourself: Bird Bath Heater

Read about one BWD contributor's inexpensive method to keep a bird bath ice-free during the winter months. Download specs for building your own bird bath heater.

Build Your Own: Build a Brushpile

Attract birds and wildlife to your backyard this winter with a brushpile.

How To: Bird Watching Journals

It is said that the difference between a person who simply enjoys nature and a true naturalist is that a naturalist keeps a field journal. Amateur and professional bird watchers, artists, and philosophers have long kept such records of their thoughts and observations, but now an increasing number of regular folks are taking up the pastime of journaling.

Feeders and Feeding: Peanut Butter Suet

High in fat and protein, this concoction is the ideal offering for birds like Carolina wrens and bluebirds, insect-eaters that sometimes don't survive ice storms and deep snow.


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