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Birding Festivals

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Western Birding Festivals

Are you eager to see wonderful western birds, visit amazing birding hotspots, and meet friendly and welcoming western birders? Check out these 18 annual festivals in the western USA.

Choosing a Birding Festival

BWD contributor Jeff Gordon offers tips for joining the flock at birding festivals.

Add Your Festival to Our Directory

Hundreds of bird watchers access our Birding and Nature Festival Directory each month. Promote your festival and add it to our directory.

BWD Festival Finder

Regardless of season, there's nothing more exciting than attending a birding festival. The birds are spectacular and the people are great. If you haven't tried a festival yet, this is a must-do for next season! Use BWD's Birding and Nature Festival Finder to help you select from the many available in special areas all over the country.
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