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Autographed Bookplates

The Bluebird Effect by Julie Zickefoose
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by Julie Zickefoose
The Bluebird Effect is about the change that's set in motion by one single act, such as saving an injured bluebird—or a hummingbird, swift, or phoebe. Featured as Oprah's Book of the Week! Learn more...
Good Birders Don't Wear White by Donald Kroodsma
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edited by Lisa White
A light and fun collection of birding advice, with contributions from Kenn Kaufman, David Sibley, Pete Dunne, Tim Gallagher, Bill Thompson III, Sheri Williamson, Julie Zickefoose, and forty-three other well-known birders. Learn more...
Crossley Field Guides

Focus on Field Guides: Crossley Field Guide

  • The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds
  • This stunningly illustrated book from acclaimed birder and photographer Richard Crossley revolutionizes field guide design by providing the first real-life approach to identification. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or anywhere in between, Crossley's field guide will vastly improve your ability to identify birds.