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A Guide to Bird Homes

by Scott Shalaway

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A Guide to Bird Homes: Look Inside!

Did you know that 85 North American bird species use nest boxes or natural cavities? Author Scott Shalaway reveals the lessons he's learned in years of backyard study and experience. You'll get species profiles of the most prolific cavity nesters, answers to the most often-asked questions, and a nest box specifications chart.

Each 32-page guide in the Backyard Booklet Series is packed with practical, easy-to-understand information, color photographs, and useful tips. Want to see the table of contents before you buy the booklet? Click the icon above to see a free three-page preview!

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by verna wilson
(Posted on 2013-01-12 09:44:23)
I am just now starting to attract birds to my backyard. Because there are some birds I don't want to stick around, I need to know which bird house to get. This book provides that.
by Dee Simmons
(Posted on 2013-07-24 07:55:52)
This little booklet is a complete source of information on bird houses. The nest box basics and reference chart for various species were especially helpful as were the FAQ section and species profiles. Very informative.