Easy Birdhouses & Feeders

by Michael Berger
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Do-it-yourselfers who enjoy simple craft projects—and birds—will appreciate this new book from Bird Watcher's Digest. It provides dozens of "recipes" and novel ideas in a cookbook style. The book is intended for those who have basic hand tools in their workshop or garage: a drill, a jigsaw, a square, a handsaw, etc. Designed for adults, it will provide inspiration for creative projects older children could build with a parent or mentor.

It offers plans for 16 nest boxes or shelves and 10 birdfeeders using wood, PVC tubes, or household objects such as flowerpots, and four lovely birdbaths, some constructed of concrete or stone. But even they can be built with simple materials and tools.

Each plan includes a lovely photo of the completed project, a clear illustration of assembly, hardware and supplies required, a cutting list, and simple, step-by-step instructions. Placement suggestions and photos of the bird species for which the nest box is designed are part of each nest box plan.