The Missing Pane - Eastern Phoebe

by Julie Zickefoose
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"I love poking around in old barns, looking for clues about those who worked in them and the animals they housed. The idea for this painting turned around in my head for a number of years; the challenge was to make a convincing statement about light out of only watercolors and paper. Painting, I've come to realize, is all about light. The subject matter is secondary. That said, the phoebe in the painting is my beloved Luther, whose story is told in the July/August 2007 issue of Bird Watcher's Digest."

Julie Zickefoose is a nature artist, writer, NPR commentator, and prolific BWD contributing editor. She is the author and illustrator of Letters from Eden: A Year at Home, in the Woods.

A limited edition of 300 prints has been created in a horizontal format. The actual image size is 14" x 10", the matted size is 18" x 14", and the framed sized is approximately 20" x 16". Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. The full-color reproduction is printed on a neutral pH, acid-free paper.