Bird Watcher's Digest January/February 2008 Issue

by Bird Watcher's Digest
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  • Our Cover Species: American Robin by Marcia Bonta
  • ID Yourself: Aging Gulls by Alvaro Jaramillo
  • Lessons from a Bird Not Seen by Kathleen Trever
  • Fulica Americana and Me by Fannie Peczenik
  • My Next Big Year by Lon Gallas
  • Bittern Quest by Robin Murray
  • January Thaw by Julie Zickefoose
  • A Spring Visit to Bear River by Iain S. Byrne
  • Leadership Roles by Alice Morgan

Columns & Departments

  • Letters from Readers
  • Quick Takes by David M. Bird
  • After the Spark: Inverted Invaders by Kenn Kaufman
  • Far Afield: Spring in the Land Down Under by Connie Toops
  • Book Notes
  • Well-Eqipped Birder: Hopper Feeders by Bill Thompson, III

The Backyard

  • Favorite Gardening Tips by Jeanne Lebow
  • On Cooneymus Pond by Royal Bruce Montgomery
  • New Life for Your Old Carcass by Edward Kanze
  • House Finch Eye Disease by Ginger Walker
  • My Way: Moth Catcher by John McGinley
  • The Bird Watcher's Question Box by Kevin J. Cook
  • Watching Bird Behavior: Intelligence and Innovation by David M. Bird