Bird Watcher's Digest July/August 2008 Issue

by Bird Watcher's Digest
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  • Our Cover Species: Whip-poor-will by Jim McCormac
  • ID Yourself: Yellowlegs by Eirik A.T. Blom & Marshall Iliff
  • What Were the Chances of That? by Chris Hill
  • Black Skimmers on the Beach by David Hartgrove
  • Mountain Plover by Arne Olsen
  • Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper by Derek Lovitch
  • Birding with Roger by Elizabeth Rosenthal

Columns & Departments

  • Letters from Readers
  • Quick Takes by David M. Bird
  • After the Spark: A Place We'll Never See by Kenn Kaufman
  • Far Afield: Birding South Dakota by W.H. (Chip) Gross
  • Book Notes
  • Well-Eqipped Birder: A Traveling Bird Watcher's Journal by Marci Madsen Fuller

The Backyard

  • Backyard Gardening: Water in Your Landscape by Warren Balgooyen
  • The Screaming Banshees of Bark Lake by Nancy Elliot
  • The Hummers of Summer by Tom Simpson
  • Heron's Lunch! by Jean Preis
  • My Way: Off the Deep End by Jim Cirigliano
  • The Bird Watcher's Question Box by Kevin J. Cook
  • Watching Bird Behavior: Swimming Lessons by David M. Bird