Book Bundle: The Bluebird Effect and Letters From Eden

by Julie Zickefoose
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About The Bluebird Effect

Julie Zickefoose lives for the moment when a wild, free living bird that she has raised or rehabilitated comes back to visit her; their eyes meet and they share a spark of understanding. Her reward for the grueling work of rescuing birds—such as feeding baby hummingbirds every twenty minutes all day long—is her empathy with them and the satisfaction of knowing the world is a birdier and more beautiful place.

The Bluebird Effect is about the change that's set in motion by one single act, such as saving an injured bluebird—or a hummingbird, swift, or phoebe. Each of the twenty five chapters covers a different species, and many depict an individual bird, each with its own personality, habits, and quirks. And each chapter is illustrated with Zickefoose's stunning watercolor paintings and drawings. Not just individual tales about the trials and triumphs of raising birds, The Bluebird Effect mixes humor, natural history, and memoir to give readers an intimate story of a life lived among wild birds.

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About Letters From Eden

Writer and natu re artist Julie Zickefoose finds herself most at home at home. Her work, well known to BWD and BBN readers, captures her passion for the flora and fauna that share her property. Delve into these often-poignant, beautifully illustrated essays. Hardcover copy autographed by author.

224 pages, hardcover, 8 1/4 x 8 1/4, full-color illustrations, b&w illustrations.