Bird Watcher's Digest May/June 2007 Issue

by Bird Watcher's Digest
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  • Our Cover Species: Wood Thrush by Edward Kanze
  • ID Yourself: The Soundalikes by Jeffrey A. Gordon
  • Never Cook A Flicker by Dave McDermott
  • Hill Country Streams by Ora E. Anderson
  • Adirondack Boreal Birds by Jeff Nadler
  • Life or Death Lifer by Kevin Walsh
  • Ospreys of Lost Lake by David G. Medlock
  • To 500 and Beyond by Cecily Nabors
  • Pack Light, Bird More by Marci Madsen Fuller

Columns & Departments

  • Letters from Readers
  • Quick Takes by David M. Bird
  • After the Spark: Good Birds, Bad Birds by Kenn Kaufman
  • Far Afield: The Yukon Territory by Martin Selzer and Jane Henderson
  • Book Notes
  • Well-Eqipped Birder: The Switchback by Marci Madsen Fuller

The Backyard

  • Bird Gardening: Ornamental Grasses by Jennifer L. Baker
  • My Neighbors' Backyard by Steve Greer
  • Mites in My Bed by Connie Toops
  • A Bird in the Hand by Pamela Weaver Larson
  • My Way: Easy Fruit Feeder by Mary Curtis
  • The Bird Watcher's Question Box by Kevin J. Cook
  • Watching Bird Behavior: Brood Parasitism by David M. Bird