It's the Little Things That Give You Away - Long-eared Owl and Rufous Hummingbird

by Debby Kaspari
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"This painting is a lighthearted look at the David-and-Goliath interaction of the small and swift against the big and slow. In this case, a rufous hummingbird pokes around a ponderous long-eared owl, forcing the unfortunate owl to realize that not only has his sleep been disturbed, but also his roost has been exposed to noisy little birds."

A frequent contributor to Bird Watcher's Digest, Debby Kaspari is the recipient of the 2007 Don and Virginia Eckelberry Fellowship and is the 2008 Harvard Forest Artist-in-Residence. Published and shown nationally, her work has been included in Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum's Birds in Art, the Society of Animal Artists' Art and the Animal, and Bennington Center's Art of the Animal Kingdom. Her award-winning blog, Drawing the Motmot (, is a collection of writings and artwork on nature and birds. Debby lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with her husband Mike, a professor of ecology at the University of Oklahoma.

A limited edition of 300 prints of It's the Little Things That Give You Away has been created. The actual image size is 14" x 10", the print size is 17" x 13", and the matted size is 18" x 14". Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. The full-color reproduction is printed on a neutral pH, acid-free paper.