Plymouth Beach Plovers—Semipalmated Plovers

by Barry Van Dusen
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"The long, sandy spit that encloses Plymouth Harbor is punctuated at intervals by overwash areas created during high storm tides. These areas, strewn with attractive wave-polished cobbles, are favored roosting sites for what a friend calls 'semi-sweet plovers.' With their broken color patterns, these birds can be difficult to spot among the multi-colored rocks, and drawing them was a game of hide-and-seek."

Barry W. Van Dusen is an internationally recognized wildlife artist living in central Massachusetts. Barry has illustrated many publications for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and his bird illustrations have appeared in several books. Barry was elected a full member of Britain's Society of Wildlife Artists in 1994, and contributes annually to their London exhibition. His paintings appear regularly in the prestigious BIRDS IN ART show (Wausau, Wisconsin) and in the Art of the Animal Kingdom at the Bennington Center for the Arts (Vermont). See more of the artist's work at