The Openlander—Short-eared Owl

by Paul Hoelscher
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Eastern Oregon is great-big open—so spacious that many parts of it give a feeling of emptiness. All that space is managed easily by its wonderful creatures, and the short-eared owl has made some deep impressions on my wanderings through this part of the Northwest. These birds lope fluidly across the great and beautiful openness, perfectly casual and keen. They have been especially striking and inspiring company in the blanketing quiet of autumn and winter.

Paul Hoelscher is an artist and art instructor in Baker City, Oregon. He draws and paints almost anything, but he has followed, sketched, and painted birds with special admiration and inspiration for much of his life. From his childhood in central Minnesota and throughout his 16 years in Oregon the form, movement, and energy of birds have captivated him. Birdlife continues to be a frequent and important motif in his artwork, which is part of private collections across the nation.