Children are naturally curious about the world around them. A flash of color or the unexpected flutter of wings can capture their imaginations. For many adults, however, the birdlife around them has become something more mundane – something in the background that goes unnoticed.

But not for us bird watchers. Somewhere along the way, our childlike wonder and fascination with birds was kindled or rekindled. For many, one defining moment – a special bird, an unforgettable experience – provided the "spark" that ignited our lifelong passion.

At Bird Watcher's Digest, we posed the question: What was your Spark Bird? The resulting personal stories from your favorite BWD contributors comprise this one-of-a-kind blog. We hope you'll enjoy reading about the birds that sparked the interest of our contributors, and that you'll share your own stories and experiences as well!

Good bird watching!

Bill Thompson, III
Editor | Bird Watcher's Digest