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What is a Reader Rendezvous?

For more than 35 years, all of us at Bird Watcher’s Digest have enjoyed connecting with you, our readers. We cherish this close connection—which is why we refer to you as our “family of subscribers.” We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many BWD subscribers over the years at festivals and events like The Midwest Birding Symposium. And we know that BWD subscribers are fun and friendly. We’re pleased to say the same of our contributors.

BWD is pleased to announce a new series of events called Reader Rendezvous! This is a series of opportunities—designed especially for BWD subscribers—to meet some of our most popular contributors and go birding with them in some of their favorite spots. What better way is there to get to know someone than to go birding together? A pleasing blend of social, birding afield, and presentation/workshop time will make your Reader Rendezvous experience something you’ll want to repeat.

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