When the temperatures plunge, how do birds survive the harsh conditions? Also, learn how to help birds endure winter weather. Find this and much more!
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How Do Birds Keep Warm in Winter?

When the temperatures drop and the winds howl, how does something that weighs just a few grams not succumb to the harsh conditions? Birds are remarkably resilient, using their feathers and various coping behaviors to beat the elements.
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Bird ID Quiz: Bald Eagles! Can You Identify Immatures?
Did you know that bald eagles do not develop their signature snow-white head until they are around five years old? See if you can determine the age of these young bald eagles. 

Recipe Video: Help Birds Survive the Winter with Homemade Suet Dough!
Attract woodpeckers, jays, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, sparrows, towhees, cardinals, bluebirds, mockingbirds, thrashers, warblers, and more with Julie Zickefoose’s signature high-protein “Zick Dough” recipe.


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A Different Drummer: Listening to Sapsuckers
Sapsuckers are among the most interesting of the woodpeckers, with a unique niche in the woods and in the web of life. WBB contributor Alvah Sanborn explains why this bird more than deserves a second look.
Backyard Dilemmas
Readers ask: Why do human-provided nest boxes have to be cleaned when cavities that birds inhabit in nature do not? Should cayenne pepper be used in birdseed to deter squirrels? Birdsquatch weighs in on these backyard dilemmas.
My Neighbors, the Woodpeckers
Last winter, in an attempt to attract a wider variety of species to his backyard, BWD's Bruce Wunderlich added suet feeders to his array of feeders. It worked! Read his observations of his "new neighbors," the woodpeckers.

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