In honor of National Bird Feeding Month, this issue focuses on winter bird feeding. Also, take our quiz on bird courtship, and discover much more!
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Tips for Deep-Winter Bird Feeding

Tips for Deep Winter Bird Feeding
Whether you live in the country or the city, these savvy and cost-effective bird-feeding tips from naturalist Julie Zickefoose will ensure you are prepared for whatever conditions the thick of winter throws your way. 
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Seed Blends #101
Seed Blends #101
With several types of bird food available on the market today, it's nice to have an option that offers something for everyone eating in your backyard. That's where birdseed blends come in. These mixes of sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, safflower, and other ingredients are an essential part of any feeding program, particularly when higher-calorie foods become important for survival during the winter months. We've rounded up the most common ingredients of seed blends, their benefits to birds, and how to make sure you're buying the right mix for your backyard birding needs.

Making a Good Match: Bird Seed and Bird Feeders
Making a Good Match: Bird Seed and Bird Feeders
Bird seed mixes that contain a high proportion of milo, wheat, millet, and cracked corn are fine for many ground-feeding birds, such as doves, blackbirds, quail, and sparrows—but they are not the favorite foods of birds that naturally eat above the ground, such as chickadees, nuthatches, wrens, and grosbeaks. Offer a variety of foods in a variety of appropriate feeders to attract the widest variety of birds.

How Do Birds Go About "Dating"? Take Our Lovebird Quiz and Find Out!
Do birds fall in love? We don't know the answer to that, but many species form pair bonds that last through at least one breeding season. A few species mate for life, and a few species hook up only for the act of copulation. Regardless, it all starts with courtship. Singing and other vocalizations are a common and familiar way for male and female birds to make that special connection, but there are other ways birds catch the eye of that special someone. Just in time for Valentine's Day, test your knowledge about how different bird species try to impress a prospective mate (and incidentally impress bird watchers, too).


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The BWD staff loved all of the #BlurryBirds submitted for our photo contest and had a difficult time selecting just one as their favorite. But we finally reached a decision, and the winner of the bino harness is Denise Hamilton with this blur-tastic photo of a white-throated sparrow! Congratulations, Denise, and thank you to everyone who posted their #BlurryBirds for our enjoyment. Check out all the entries on our Facebook page, and feel free to share your own #BlurryBirds with us anytime!

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The jaunty little junco—popularly known as the snowbird—with its “leaden sky above, snow below” coloration, is a welcome sight and symbol of winter for many across North America.
Love / Birds
We know that birds and humans share some emotions, with fear being perhaps the most obvious. But what about love? Although we like to think of paired birds as “married,” among backyard birds, mating for life is the exception, not the rule.
Winter Thaw
The sun beckons naturalist Julie Zickefoose outside for long winter walks into the wildwoods, where there are fairies to be seen and murders to be solved.

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