Do your new year's resolutions include snowy owls? Find out where they are. Also, gourmet or bargain seed: Which is better? And, bird myths debunked!
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Are Snowy Owls in Your New Year Resolutions?

Is There a Snowy Owl in Your New Year's Resolutions?
Are snowy owls appearing in your area? So far, a few have been reported as far south as northern New Jersey, central Ohio, and northern Illinois—which is typical. Lots of snowies have been reported recently in New England, southern Ontario, and the northern Plains states, and that’s typical, too. If you live in the central or southern continental U.S., you may have to travel to see one. Find out where "snowies" have been reported, what to look for in the field, and how to avoid disturbing the birds while you're observing them.
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Learn About Snowy Owls with Our Fun Quiz!
It's the great white invader of the North: Harry Potter's pet, Hedwig, and one of the most-desired creatures in any birder's field guide. It's the snowy owl. Perhaps you've had the good fortune to see one of these gorgeous Arctic visitors for yourself. Despite all the fanfare, how much do you really know about these birds? We've put together a fun quiz to test your knowledge!

Gourmet or Bargain Seed: Which is Best for Birds?
Gourmet or Bargain Seed: Which Is Best for the Birds?
Most folks who feed birds know that black-oil sunflower will attract the most birds. But not all seed mixes are created equally. Certain species are attracted to specific seeds. Finches love Nyjer, for example, and blue jays prefer peanuts. Some specific seeds are effective in certain situations. BWD contributor Hank Weber covers what he has learned—the good and the bad—about various types of seed.

8 Common Bird-feeding Myths Debunked
Have you ever noticed how much of what we consider "conventional wisdom" is actually wrong and ridiculous? Bird-feeding conventional wisdom is riddled with bad information. Is it really possible to have a "squirrel-proof feeder"? Do bird feeders keep birds from migrating? Is bird feeding good or bad for the birds?


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Out There with the Birds Episode #64: An Interview with Eva Matthews Lark
Join host Dawn Hewitt as she interviews Eva Matthews Lark, program director for Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine. Listen in as Dawn and Eva talk about the amazing birding experiences, natural history, and landscapes that Hog Island has to offer.

Meet the BWD Family: Webmaster Katherine Koch
Meet Katherine Koch, our webmaster and marketing specialist, the wizard behind the curtain who makes BWD’s digital magic happen. She is our employee with the longest tenure, AND she just recently went birding for the first time!
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Pileated Woodpecker: Carpenter of the Forest
Whether you call it a PIE-leated or a PILL-eated (both are correct!), there’s no mistaking the sight or sound of this pterodactyl of woodpeckers. Author Stephen Shunk profiles the distinguishing features and behaviors of North America’s largest woodpecker and recalls some of his most memorable encounters with this impressive bird.
American Oxpeckers
European starlings don’t usually stop birders in their tracks, but that’s exactly what happened to naturalist Julie Zickefoose when she stumbled upon an unusual scene: a herd of cattle resting in the shade, their backs and heads spotted with fluttering starlings! Julie muses on how each day birds offer something new to show us if we only show up to watch them.
Our Neighbors, the Owls
Yes, winter in Minnesota certainly means snow and cold, but for Mary Lynn Cervantes’ neighborhood, it also means great horned owls! From the first hooooo heard one January night to the first sighting of a fuzzy baby in April, the already close-knit neighborhood grew even closer as they got to know their new nesting neighbors.

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