Swallows are some of the first long-distance migrants to return to their breeding territories—a genuine sign of spring. Can you identify these eight?
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Test Your Knowledge of North America's Swallows!

By Dawn Hewitt
Managing Editor | Bird Watcher's Digest

Swallows are some of the first long-distance migrants to return to their breeding territories—a genuine sign of spring. They are aerial insectivores: Although they have short bills, their mouth opening, or gape, is huge for Hoovering up insects, especially those flying low above water. In flight, they flit and flutter, zig and zag, swoop and dive, and it can be a challenge to follow and fix on them with your binoculars. Swallows tend to perch on exposed branches and wires, where it's easier to get a look at them. About 90 species of swallows exist worldwide, but only eight species regularly occur and breed in continental North America. Can you identify them?

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Mystery Swallow #1
Mystery Swallow #1
This is our continent's largest swallow. Males are uniformly bluish-black above and below, which is distinctive. Females have a dark hood and upper breast, but a pale, smudgy belly. Hint: This species usually nests in colonies, so many people provide gourd or "apartment" complexes to attract them.

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Mystery Swallow #2
Mystery Swallow #2
Males have metallic-green or blue-green backs; females are brown above. Both are white below, and the tail is notched. A cavity nester, it has benefitted from the popularity of bluebird nest boxes. Hint: When bluebird houses are not available, it nests in tree cavities.
Mystery Swallow #3
Mystery Swallow #3
Our smallest sparrow is brown above and white below. Its distinguishing feature is a dark breast band. Hint: It excavates a hole for its nest in vertical cliffs of dirt or sand, usually close to water.

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