Birds that visit feeders endure winter weather better than birds that don't. Learn how to help them survive the cold. Also, take our turkey quiz!
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Top 10 Ways to Help Birds in Bad Weather

Top 10 Ways to Help Birds in Bad Weather
We all know by now that birds can survive without our help in the winter. Some ornithologists have even suggested that bird feeding is more beneficial to us (humans) than it is to the birds. Be that as it may, studies have shown that birds with access to bird feeders in winter survive at a higher rate than birds without access to feeders. The difference between the haves and the have-nots is not huge, but it’s there. Feeding birds in winter, if done right, is a good thing for the birds (and for us, too).
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Turkey Facts You Might Not Know: Take Our Quiz!
Turkey Facts You Might Not Know
In honor of the upcoming holiday with which this species is so closely associated, we've cooked up a few trivia questions to test your turkey knowledge. How many can you answer correctly?

Eating Styles Among Backyard Birds
Eating Styles Among Backyard Birds
We tend to think a lot about holiday meals and seasonal treats as the year winds down and the weather turns chilly. Have you ever considered if and how the changing seasons impact what birds eat? Get ready to learn about birds' four main diet types!

A Hummingbird—In the North, in the Middle of Winter?
It’s that time of year: Every fall and winter, western hummingbird species turn up in the East. BWD Columnist Scott Weidensaul, who is a licensed hummingbird bander, reflects on this surprising—yet expected—phenomenon.

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Reader Rendezvous: Land of Enchantment: New Mexico
Reader Rendezvous: Visit the Land of Enchantment with Bird Watcher's Digest
Join us December 2–7, 2020, on a five-day Reader Rendezvous in Socorro & Albuquerque, New Mexico! Witness one of North America’s greatest wildlife spectacles, as tens of thousands of geese, ducks, and cranes fill the air at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. We’ll have ample opportunities to study New Mexico’s many wintering sparrows and raptors, and hope to encounter all three species of North American rosy-finches high on snowy mountaintops.
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