Monday, October 17, 2005

Faces in the Birding Crowd

The BEST thing about attending birding festivals such as the Midwest Birding Symposium is that you get to see your pals, and make new ones. And you get to take stoopid pictures all the while. Here are a few. In order they are: Image #1: John Acorn, Julie Zickefoose, George Wheat, and Bobby Harrison (ivory-billed woodpecker finder guy), Image #2: Alisha Craig and John "Wincy" Acorn, Image #3: my beloved mother Elsa in full breeding plumage, and Image #4: John Acorn's Sleestak, a proto-dino-humanoid.


At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Dan Harkless said...

Yeah, the "Dinosauroid" totally reminded me of a Sleestak (from "Land of the Lost") as well. I'm a bit confused by the attribution to your friend John Acorn, though. This Wikipedia article and The Encylopedia of Astrobiology [...] indicate that the sculpture is by Dale Russell and Ron Seguin. Do you just mean your friend took that particular photo? Looking closer, it appears to be a photo taken during a slideshow.


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