Thursday, October 27, 2005

Voice of the Wetlands

My friend Paul Baicich, a dedicated birder/conservationist who writes for BWD, and creates the Swarovski/National Wildlife Refuge Association Birding e-Bulletin, sent me this interesting note:

Music for the Gulf Coastal Wetlands
One of the few good things coming out of Hurricane Katrina has been
increased awareness over the importance of Gulf coastal wetlands. (It is
estimated that by the year 2050, coastal Louisiana will lose more than
630,000 additional acres of marshes, swamps, and islands.)

In one fine example of concern, acclaimed blues guitarist Tab Benoit has
stepped forward. Benoit is a native of a small town in southeastern
Louisiana. Because of the loss of coastal wetlands, the Gulf of Mexico is
20 miles closer to Benoit's home than was the case when he was a boy.
These wetlands, of course, are home to hundreds of species of birds and
other wildlife, locations for refuges.

Even before Katrina, Benoit started a nonprofit organization called Voice
of the Wetlands in an effort to raise public awareness of the problem. One
effort of VOW has been a very impressive CD, released on 1 October 05.
Benoit is joined by other fine Louisiana performers including Dr. John,
Cyril Neville, Anders Osborne, and Waylon Thibodeaux. They sing and play
meaningfully about the frustration of losing an important and unique part
of America. Check it out.

Bird enthusiasts, refuge supporters, wetland conservationists, and music
lovers alike would do well to check out this CD.

Thanks to Paul for sharing this interesting item.


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