Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Great Holiday Bird Card

We get a LOT of bird-themed holiday cards this time of year. Some are really nice. Some are not that nice. And some have artistically rendered birds that make you wonder simply "Why?"

And then there are always a couple of cards that stand out.

Ace bird photographer Marie Read sent out this holiday card image on Sunday night and I liked it so much I asked her if I could upload it here to share.

She replied:
Glad you like it. And it's "real" (not a digital composite) too - I sat
all morning in a freezing blind to get it!
In my 18 years at BWD, I've looked at hundreds of thousands of bird images. Marie's photography is almost always instantly recognizable to me because it's so personal and really seems to capture the essence of the birds' personality.

Her new book Secret Lives of Common Birds is a visual treat, with lots of amazing bird images, like this tufted titmouse on her clever holiday card. Check it out.

.Secret Lives of Common Birds


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