Thursday, December 22, 2005

Making a Magazine

Here at Bird Watcher's Digest we're working almost as hard as the elves in Santa's workshop. Not only are we making thousands of bird watchers' dreams come true by sending out their gift subscriptions for the holidays, we're already working on the March/April 2006 issue!

Today I am writing captions for the layouts and trying not to merely describe what's going on in the photograph. Ideally when you read one of the captions in BWD, your brain will grow a tiny bit, like those chickadees whose brains grow larger to help them remember where they cached their sunflower seeds.

Now where was I.....let's see. I got up this morning, then I had some coffee, and some juice. Oh yeah! We're really cranking out the content these days here at BWD. Did I mention that we're already working on the March April 2006 issue? It's gonna be great!


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