Sunday, December 25, 2005

What Santa Done Brung Us

Phoebe got a flashy and warm new winter hat, a 20 questions game, and new slippers (among 1.2 million other things)

Liam, of course, got mostly train stuff, and new slippers (in addition to 1.5 million other things)

Julie got some new Keens, some music, and the traditional gift of Portmerion dishware from her fabulously thoughtful hubby.
I got some new Keens, too, some music, and some Mr. Bill pajamas. The jammies are from my mom who gets everyone in the family new PJs each Christmas. Thanks Mom!

Chet Baker (best dog ever) got some new teeth.

It has sho 'nuff been a good Christmas.

Hope yours has been good too.


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