Monday, December 05, 2005

When the Cookie Bag Comes Out

These action photos show what happens on a cold day of birding when someone pulls out a bag of cookies.

In Photo #1 (above) Bored bird watchers are waiting for the 4 pm golden eagle flyby (We may as well have been waiting for Godot).

In Photo #2 (below) The feeding frenzy ensues. I reached in and lost a glove and part of my pinky. And birding as a whole lost a bit more of its dignity.

What ANIMALS! Sheesh!


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Rondeau Ric said...

Birding - a full contact sport.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Face said...

Was at Hawk Ridge in Duluth this fall and severaal were passing out Home Baked cookies - talk about a feeding frenzy

At 8:47 PM, Blogger BT3 said...

I'm lucky I can still type with my hands!


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