Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Angus Cheesy

"Would you like fries, Zocor, or a defibrillator with that?"

This is one of those signs that makes me so very proud to be an American.

I mean in what other country in the world can you...
A. get an Angus burger?
B. get an Angus burger that's cheesy?
C. get an Angus burger that's cheesy AND bacony?
D. have the word STEAK thrown in just in case you were unsure what Angus meant?

What a totally awesome country we live in! From now on, I'm referring to anything that's awesome and cool as "Angus Cheesy." As in: Wow, man, those are some Angus cheesy shoes you've got on there.
Feel free to use this catchy phrase in your own world.

Wait! Am I totally wrong here? Wasn't Angus Cheesy the lead singer in AC/DC?


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