Friday, April 21, 2006

Giant Things of Guatemala

Check out the totally Chia-pet hairdo!

If you think that the U.S., or our fine, hockey-obsessed Canadian friends to the north have a hammerlock on weird giant things, you, amigo, are sadly mistaken.

And I have the images to prove it.

I believe I have documented, in digital photos, the existence of a giant race of Chia pets, living in Guatemala. These creatures (well, we assume there is more than one, though we only saw and documented a single individual) live near chlorinated swimming pools, deriving their sustenance from these bodies of chemically enhanced water by some undetermined method.

We never did determine the purpose of this statue. Was it a slide into the pool.

We did find out that these creatures, though very shy, do like to have their noses picked. This is very similar to making a dog's leg flail by scratching the dog in a certain spot.

Fortunately there were no giant Chia boogers.


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