Monday, May 29, 2006

Faces in the Crowd

Here are some of my favorite images from this weekend's wedding adventure in Lewes, Delaware.

Next post, some bird images. I promise!

Liz, the bride, made magic bubbles in the afternoon sunshine.

Jeff and Liz at the post-rehearsal party, where, after a brief rainshower, a giant rainbow appeared--always a good sign.

The wedding's theme was luna moth. This wild luna appeared near the chapel on the morning of the wedding!

Phoebe, the flower fairy, and Marci Fuller (left) and Sally O'Byrne were the bridesmaids.

Liz's son Travis (right), an aspiring musician, and his pal Zach gave the event a punk flair.

Jeff's mom, Kathleen, gave him a pre-ceremony hug.

"Hey Jeff! It's WEDDING TIME, dude!"

Liz misplaced her shoes on the morning of the ceremony. It did not faze her one bit.

Julie and I put on our fancy dress outfits for the big day.

After our band played, Travis and his pals took the stage. This is Trav totally shredding.

Liam decided that he LOVES punk rock. He danced and danced. Later he announced that he wants us to call him Rockpile now.

Two boys, four ears, one IPod. No problem!

Marci and I compared notes on the fancy beer being offered to the guests.

Chet, like all of us at the wedding, had too much fun.

Vinnie Mele, the Musical Wonder of Marietta, accompanied us to Delaware and made our music 33% better. Here he croons a smarmy ballad.
I played more guitar this weekend than I have in years. It felt really great to just close my eyes and play for hours.


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Elizabird said...

Dearest Bill, Please excuse me! But my darling Husband to be was the misplacer of the shoes...he was so excited he put them in a safe place so I wouldn't lose them. Then he totally forgot that he touched them at all. I asked him point blank...he was spaced out!!! I guess he wanted a barefoot bride! Whew! I was totally together.
Love, kisses & giggles,
Liz Gordon


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