Saturday, May 13, 2006

It Begins

From the tower, looking northeast. Leaden skies will be a challenge for maxing out the bird list today.

Our 2006 Big Day has dawned. Whip-poor-will at 5 am, heard by Julie. My first bird was a Carolina wren, teakettling outside the bedroom window.

Buddy Steve has just arrived at 8:15 and we're at 51 species. The first 50 are a lock. It's the second 50 that one has to work hard to get.

Here's the only digiscoped bird so far, and a look at the leaden skies. It's cold this morning so not a lot of singing migrants to enjoy. But the nesting birds are undeterred. More soonest.

Carolina wren singing from our weathervane. Hope he can sing up some sunshine for us.


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