Friday, January 05, 2007

Today Rain, Tomorrow The Wilds

One of the many duck-friendly dredge pit ponds at The Wilds.

Today it's pouring rain and 62 degrees here in River City. That's 62 degrees F and it's JANUARY! We've had barely a wisp of snow since fall and that was back near Halloween! It did not stay on the ground for long. This makes me wonder if the world isn't heating up faster than a pot of Ramen noodles being cooked by a college kid with the munchies.

Tomorrow is the Ohio Ornithology Society's field trip to The Wilds, held in conjunction with the Columbus Audubon Society. The trip was supposed to be limited to 50 participants. That participation level was quickly surpassed and my guess is we'll have between 80 and 100 people converging on this giant former strip mine seeking short-eared owls, rough-legged hawks, northern harriers, horned larks, and several other special winter visitors.

Among the recent sightings at The Wilds are a northern shrike, a golden eagle, and one or more snow buntings. Since the lakes and ponds won't be frozen (like they usually are this time of year) we'll also probably see a nice variety of waterfowl.

I'm really looking forward to doing a bit of birding without freezing my Big Sit off. Last year (when I took these images) it was about 20 degrees F and blowing snow during the OOS's Wilds trip.

I'll try to take some images this year and will be sure to share them here in a day or so.

Birders are speculating whether or not this is the same northern shrike that visited The Wilds last winter.


At 10:44 PM, Blogger Susan Gets Native said...

I will have to get back to the Wilds with some birders. Geoff and the girls are great and all, but...

All the places around here that should be frozen but aren't, are not full of water birds like I expected. Hope you all see a million!

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous [email protected] said...

Good luck with your field trip and isn't this weather crazy? I think seeing the Golden's would be nice!


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