Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Haiku

Cracks in thirsty Earth
each step more precarious
falling screams not heard

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At 3:09 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Yikes. Great imagination! Happy Halloween!

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Nice haiku ! This photo is interesting, where was it taken ? Is that clay ?

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Sheels said...

Just caught up on the last week's posts. Double freaking ossum-mundo! I was clenching my hands reading about the boat ride. What amazing birds, mammals, adventure, memories for a lifetime. This definitely fleshes out the exchange, "How was your trip?". "It was great!" (Insert pirate sounds here. Halloween haiku, a scream indeed. Happy Halloween.

At 8:57 PM, Blogger BT3 said...

Yes it's clay-heavy soil from a patch of coastal desert scrub in Peru, near the port town of Pucusana where we took the pelagic.

That was amazingly hard to walk on. You had to carefully place every step or you dropped down about two feet into the crevice.


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