Friday, February 22, 2008


While doing some sundown birding with a gang of pals last month on Cape Canaveral National Seashore, I got to enjoy the single-minded foraging routine of this nine-banded armadillo. It's been years since I've seen an armadillo so I made a point of watching this one as long as it would let me.

According to scientists, climate change is going to mean we'll have armadillos in Ohio. They've apparently made it into western Kentucky already. Our winters are too harsh for these hard-to-categorize creatures because they do not carry enough body fat to survive long-term cold (and those shells CAN'T be too warm).

This 'dillo was snuffling along the edge of the parking lot, poking into the shore dune scrub, no doubt seeking insects, ants, grubs or something else tasty to eat.

Armadillo, by the way, means little armored one in Spanish. I considered it buena suerte that I got to see this l'il dillo doing its thing.

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