Sunday, November 04, 2007

Giant Things That Dance!

Dirty dancing giant things! What next?

Way back on September 1, Zick and I were doing a book reading and signing at the new Books-A-Million in Triadelphia, West Virginia (a town that is soon to be renamed Cabela's, West Virginia for the giant outfitter store that has consumed that corner of The Mountain State).

As we drove up to the bookstore, which was celebrating its grand opening, we saw one of those giant dancing air sock things, powered by an air blower. This one looked like the result of a giant banana having mated successfully with a foot-long hot dog. Its movements were fluid--mesmerizing even.

Throughout the afternoon, as I watched it, it became clear that the giant dancing hotdoganana was putting the heavy moves on a nearby lamppost. It was like Patrick Swayze and that lamppost-like woman in Dirty Dancing. Except that the bananadog had better hair than the Swayzmeister.

Lots of 70s dance moves are coming back into vogue.

We did not stick around after our reading to see if the lamppost finally gave in to the undeniable charm of Mr. Yellow Wigglesdog. But if I see a bunch of yellow lampposts shimmying and shaking in front of that bookstore next time I'm there, I'll be sure to feature it here at Bill of the Birds.

I'm not sure The Bump is coming back, but you never know.

Awesome robot moves!

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