Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Song in My Head

The Song in My Head is:
by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
from their new album
"Easy Tiger"

Ryan Adams seems to record several albums each year and this new one's already in heavy rotation for me. I first heard a song from this CD on The Henry Rollins Show in the Independent Film Channel. It was a heavy jam called Goodnight Rose and did not give me hope for the appeal of this new CD, at least to my ears, which prefer RA's more melodic work (see: La Cienega Just Smiled, When Stars Go Blue, Harder Now that It's Over, Call Me on Your Way Back Home...). Not that I don't love a heavy jam, mind you....

Then I heard Everybody Knows from "Easy Tiger," the first cut on the Paste Magazine compilation CD # 32 and I was hooked...

You know all those kooks camping outside the Apple Store waiting to by an iPhone? Well I was kind of like that for this album, "Easy Tiger." I didn't camp out anywhere to buy it, (though I DID play Everybody Knows at least 1,000 times while driving during the past month) but I did [warning: geek-moment alert!] pre-buy it from the iTunes Store. Yep! Downloaded it as soon as I could and started listening.

The first track I sparked on was Two which is also included as a live version with a bonus video of the band playing. NICE!

It's the melody that really hooked me. I'm a sucker for a nice melody. Throw in some pedal steel guitar behind the shimmering electric guitars, and a straight-up drum beat and I'm hitting the REPEAT button, babe.

I'm still listening to Two and grooving on the video of the band playing--checking out what guitars and amps they're using. The lyrics are nice, too, but, like I said, it's the melody. This guy's got catchy songwriting hooks in his DNA.

While we were in Maine, Two was the song was in my head and I was singing it to myself when I took the photograph above at low tide near Tenant's Harbor: something about the rock holding on to the seaweed (or is it vice versa?) that caught my eye.

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