Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 15 years later

Most people associate September 11 with the terrorist attacks on the United States. I have something additional with which to associate this date: the anniversary of the day I got married. Today's post is a small tribute to the gal who was with me that day, way back in 1993.

Happy 15th Anniversary to Julie! It seems like only yesterday that we were enjoying our pig roast wedding reception right here at Indigo Hill.

Lord only knows how you've hung on this long!

After've had to:

...raise helpless wildlife such as this phoebe, and this Liam.

You've endured trips to many, balmy, exotic locales...

where you've met many interesting people and creatures.

You've put up with me and my drinkin' buddies.

You've been forced to play gigs with Fredo from The Godfather.

You have "sweated to the oldies" right along side me.

You have been a great Mom to our (mostly) happy kids...
and especially to our youngest, adopted child, Chet Baker (who has your eyes).

Thanks for being my fellow traveler these past 15 years, Zick.

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