Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I Did Not Know

More knowledge absorbed inadvertently during my Las Vegas odyssey.

There is actually a product that mixes Budweiser and Clamato (which is clam juice and tomato juice combined). Now to my mind that's just gilding the lily a bit too much.

I would give almost anything to have been in on THAT marketing meeting.

Marketing Genius #1: Gentlemen, those Defecting Dalmation commercials are killing our sales of Bud! We've GOT to come up with something new to turn things around!

Marketing Genius #2: We could add something to every can! Like lime or algae!
MG #1: Nah. Green is SO 2007!
MG #2: How about another color? Purple! We could say there's a little bit of Barney the Dinosaur in every can!
MG #1: No. Giant costumed creatures freak me out. Same with clowns and mimes.
MG #3: Man I feel sick. I think I ate some bad clams last night!
MG #1: BRILLIANT! We'll add CLAMS!
MG #2: What color are clams?
MG #1: Who cares! We'll toss in some tomatoes too and make it Bud Red!
MG #2: That's why you're Marketing Genius #1!
MG #3: raaaaaaaaalllllllpppphhhh!

It's great that you can buy 14 ounce cans of this stuff.
I wonder if it comes in kegs?

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