Friday, January 09, 2009

More 2008 Eye Candy

Clouds of feeding Wilson's phalaropes at Antelope Island State Park in Utah.

Here, in no particular order, are images for another installment of Eye Candy of 2008. I think I've even got one more set in the archives here, but it's a bit hard to sort out since I lost a laptop hard drive about a month ago, and a lot of images went with it. Many were backed up, and I certainly got some back in the recovery process.

Anyway, I am still looking back over the year just passed, and remembering some wonderful bird encounters as I ogle these images. I hope you like them too.

Tussling bald eagles over the Platte River in Nebraska in March. Immatures can be SO immature.

Fox sparrow at Indigo Hill in late spring.

Yellow-bellied sapsucker at Indigo Hill in October.

Trio of dickcissels on South Padre Island, Texas in March.

Marbled godwit near Pipestem Creek in North Dakota in June.

Male yellow-rumped warbler on Hog Island in Maine in June.

Molty American robin, Hog Island, Maine, June.

Male Cassin's finch, Snowbird, Utah, June.

Courting western grebes, Bear River NWR, Utah, June.

California gull, Antelope Island State Park, Utah, June.

Male mountain bluebird, Hidden Peak near Snowbird in Utah, June.

Male eastern bluebird, Indigo Hill, Ohio, March.

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