Monday, February 18, 2008

Moment of Zen: Manatee

Don't know about you, but I cannot believe it's almost the third month of the year!
Where the heck did the time go?

Since its very auspicious start, 2008 has been a blur, sort of like looking at the world through a stretched piece of taffy, while riding a roller coaster, the roar of the wind drowning out all thought.

So I am trying to slow down a bit just now. Seeking a stillness.
Stillness. . . it's so elusive, isn't it, in this immediate gratification world of ours?

I'd like to share a few seconds of digital video that I recorded at Blue Spring State Park in Florida last month. Jeff, Liz, Lisa, and I went there seeking manatees and we saw at least 30. It was a clear, snappy-cold morning, so the manatees were attracted to the springs' warmer water. There is a calming stillness in the way this gentle, giant creature moves effortlessly through the water.

Hope you enjoy this Moment of Zen.


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