Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Sit Report #1

Made it up to the tower about 11:45 and got my gear situated. No moon at all, so it was as dark as a cave up in the tower. First thing I saw after the midnight starting bell was a falling star. Hope it portends big things for The Big Sit! I lay on my back on the tower floor and just let the stars do their twinkling.

First bird was a passing chipping sparrow. Among the billions of stars was my old pal Orion off to the east, who appeared to have an iPod hanging from his belt. But far fewer nocturnal migrants making themselves heard with call notes than I had last year. I wish I were better at the night flight calls--makes me wish I had my own personal Michael O'Brien or Bill Evans here to coach me. Wonder if the birds are just flying high in the middle of the night and I can't hear them.

Lots of dogs barking and distant vehicle sounds. The gurgle of our water feature and the murmuring trills of snowy tree crickets dominated the soundscape.

An eastern screech-owl called from way off to the south about 12:35 am. And a barred owl gave its "Whoooahh" call about 1 am. They use this call as a "Who's there?" I was happy to get at least two of our three nesting owls. Still waiting for the great horned to bellow.

I love thinking about all the other Big Sit circles around the world, some already halfway through their Sit. Others a few hours from starting, sitters still sleeping.

It being rather still and quiet here at Indigo Hill, I believe I'll catch a few winks.

Species count: 3

Back soon...

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