Sunday, June 08, 2008

Singing in the Rain

The male yellow-headed blackbird's song may sound like the stroke of midnight on the bird clock from hell, but that bright lemon head is like a flicker of sunshine on an otherwise rainy day.

The last few days we've been in central North Dakota completely immersed in prairie things, including the ever-changeable prairie weather. Home again soon, trading those yellow-headeds for red-winged blackbirds and chestnut-collared longspurs for common yellowthroats. Also trading cold and rainy 47 degrees for hot and muggy 85.

Am tired from the travel and the 4:00 am wake-ups but it was another great trip to the Great Plains. Sitting in the middle of a never-tilled patch of prairie, watching the sun rise today, I felt my own breath returning in long, slow inhalations. My morning ears were filled with the buzzy songs of Baird's sparrows and Sprague's pipits. Images and a few words to follow...

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