Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sky Like an Easter Egg

On a recent airplane flight, I looked out my window and saw this. It was dusk on a winter day and we were flying over the ocean. The sky was an amazing spectrum of colors from salmon pink to pale indigo. I snapped a photo out the airplane window with my pocket camera. The colors in the image reminded me of an Easter egg, so I saved the photo to share with you on this holiday weekend.

I'm thinking back to dyeing Easter eggs as a kid—the small cups with the color tablets fizzing in vinegar, the little wire egg holders, the quest for the deepest, most perfectly colored eggs. I think I liked coloring the eggs more than the ensuing egg hunt. And I am still on a quest for deep and perfect color.

Wishing you a happy holiday weekend.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Birds, Just Clouds

During The Big Sit, the cloud formations were strange and amazing. We watched them from the tower, turning some into creatures, some into famous people. Others we simply admired.

I liked this one of two contrails heading for an unseen convergence. What would have made iteven more wonderful would have been a peregrine falcon jetting through the blue in theforeground. That would have been #70.