Monday, May 05, 2008

New (Temporary) Home of BOTB

Is six days long enough to wait for a problem to go away? I think so. Well, Blogger's Help Desk folks are either all on vacation or are all out birding and they have yet to respond to the pleas of hundreds (if not thousands) of bloggers who upload via FTP. I will not bore you with the details here. Let's just say that I am a turkey for having waited this long for a far-flung human to solve this problem.

Now we're publishing on Blogspot, part of the same lumbering, stock-option happy, piece of Microsoft bait that spawned Blogger. Not sure I'll be here forever. But I'm here at least until Blogger gets its servers restarted and fixed.

Tomorrow I head to the New River Birding and Nature Festival in picturesque Fayetteville, WV. Dude, it's totally warblerville there. I'm doing the high-country warblers trip on Thursday with local bird maven Paul Shaw (aka pshaw) and I'm crossing fingers for 20+ warbler species by noonish.
Male American redstart along the New River.

Off to pack in a panic. Back soon.


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